Bathurst Sister Cities

Bathurst Sister Cities 

Sister City relations promote peace, cooperation and community across boarders and nationalities. Bathurst has two recognised Sister City relationships with Ohkuma in Japan and Yanquan in China.


The relationship between Ohkuma and Bathurst stretches back to the 1990's with the official signing of our sister city relationship on the 25th of March 1991.


In 2017 Bathurst formed friendship agreement with the Chinese city of Yangquan in the Shanxi Province. Re-affirming our friendship and extending relations to a formal sister city relationship in 2019.

Friendship Cities

Formal friendships recognised between Bathurst and other international cities acknowledge the connection between our communities. 


In 2016 Bathurst NSW and Cirencester began to establish a closer relationship based upon their historical ties and economic similarities. In 2019 a formal friendship arrangement was recognised between the two cities.


In November 2004 the city of Bathurst and Gwangju in South Korea became friendship cities with a shared goal of pursuing better corporation, collaboration, sharing of culture and friendship.

Sister City News

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The History of Qiuyou

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Introduction to Yangquan City

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