Bathurst + Gwangju

The relationship between Bathurst and Gwangju was first recognised in December 2004 formalised with a memorandum of friendship and was re-affirmed again in 2012, 2021 and 2023.


Guangju is a city located 16 km South-East of Seoul. With a population of 286,700 as of the 2013 census, the city is well known for their tomato production which is central to the Toechon Tomato Festival which is a regional festival that celebrates their pollution free tomato produce. 

During the Joseon Kingdom period the region was a centre of high quality ceramics that were used at the royal court and exported to China.

Gwangju Main Attractions

  • Hwadam Botanic Gardens
    • Located on the edge of the city limits the Hwadam Botanic gardens are renowned for their Autumn colours. 
    • The botanic hardens were planted in an attempt to revive the native Korean forest ecosystem. With approximately 4,300 plant species of international and endemic origin. 
    • With Eco Friendly origins the name Hwadam can translate to “Friendly Communication” which was given to the gardens in the hope that they would encourage visitors to communicate with nature.
  •  Gwangju Toechon Tomato Festival
    • Since 2003 the Gyeonggi Province has held a 3 day festival called the Toechon Tomato Festival to celebrate the regions rich tomato harvest. 
    • Visitors can visit the festival’s agricultural markets, growing exhibitions, tomato tastings, and take a dip in the tomato pool.