Bathurst & Yangquan

The relationship between Bathurst and Yangquen was first recognised in May 2017 formalised with a memorandum of friendship. In 2019 following a delegation led by the Mayor of Yangquan Lei Jiankun to Bathurst the two cities deepened their connection formally as sister cities. 


Yangquan is located in the Shanxi province of china with a population of 1,318,505 residents within the region. 

The city is home to various historical sites and cultural relics, which reflect its long history dating back to ancient times. Among these are ancient temples, historical buildings, and cultural landmarks that date back to the Tang dynasty. 

One of the most notable cultural attractions in the Yangquan local area is the Niangzi Pass, a famous pass of the Great Wall of China called the Guanguan Great wall is located near the city. This pass has historical significance as it served as a strategic point in China’s ancient history and offers a unique insight into China’s military and architectural history. The Guanguan Great wall is particularly notable for the community effort to restore the damaged sections. 

Yangquan Regional Attractions

  • The Guguan Great Wall
    • A section of the Great Wall of China is located in the Pingding County within Yangquan’s region. The wall is a protected cultural area which was first build in 369 before common era. 
  •  Guanshan Mountain Cultural Resort
    • Guanshan Mountain is a protected cultural area 9 km from Yangquan. It is a hub of temples, schools and forest reserves dedicated to the teachings of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.
  • Dachang Village
    • Dachang Village is the oldest existing village in the Yuxian County. With over 1500 years of history the stone village is a cultural treasure and listed as an official Chinese Historical Village. 

News From Yangquan

Read the most recent information sent by the Yangquan Sister City Committee. 

Introduction to Yangquan City

Yangquan is a prefecture level city located in eastern Shanxi Province. It is an emerging industrial city and the political, economic, and cultural center of eastern Shanxi. Under its administration,

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