January 4, 2023

Visiting friends and relos? What to do!

So the family has come to visit then? You have a house full of visiting friends and relatives which is simply delightful. Until it starts to feel just a little bit claustrophobic…SO it’s time to get them out of the house and show them the very best of the Bathurst region. Why not show off just a little anyway? We all know we’ve got the best backyard in NSW! So here are a few suggestions for all the different mixes of VFRs you may be entertaining. 

Toddlers to Tweens

Time to burn off some energy and make some memories with this Top 5 for those kids going a little ballistic at home.

  1. The Bathurst Rail Museum – a model railway the size of a tennis court and the world’s largest fixed Brio set in the dedicated ‘Kids’ Room’ will keep the young’uns entertained for hours.
  2. Abercrombie House is an adventure for kids of all ages as they explore the twists and turns of the house and garden. Or join a special Night Tour during the school holiday period.
  3. Bathurst Adventure Playground is an ever reliable source of fun and is guaranteed to burn off at least SOME of their inexhaustible energy…
  4. And it’s no surprise that the Top 5 for summer is rounded off by Annie’s Old Fashioned Ice-Cream Parlour. The best in the world? Well, we shouldn’t boast. But, yes. Yes it is.

Older and Wiser

We’re sure that there’s been no ‘back-seat advice’ offered over the Christmas period (my gravy was already perfect I tell you. No, really!) But, just in case you need a little break, here are the Top 5 for those older relos who are staying on…  

  1. Chifley Home and Education Centre has only recently reopened. It remains a must-visit attraction for locals, and should be at the top of the list to see how this great Bathurstian lived even as PM.
  2. Mayfield Garden is the shortest of hop, skip and jumps from Bathurst and is genuinely one of the greatest cool-climate gardens of the world.
  3. The Bathurst District Historical Society Museum offers a fascinating combination of artefacts, images and stories surrounding the long and rich history of the Bathurst region.
  4. Go on a spending spree with local retailers! Bathurst has an awesome variety of local stores, so support local during your stay and treat yourself at the same time. Win/Win!
  5.  Combine heritage and a soothing local ale at Reckless Brewing, the home of BX Larger – the Beer of Bathurst! Want to shout the rest of us as well..? Well, if you insist I guess. 

Bored Teens

What’s that you say? That your visiting teenagers are easily bored and quick to declare that there’s absolutely nothing to do so they might as well just mooch on the couch with their device for the next 14 hours? Well, idk about that in BX. Here are the Top 5 mooching alternatives this summer.

  1.  Find some gold around Hill End or Sofala. Yes, real gold! Take a gold-panning tour with an expert or just try your luck.
  2. Head out to the Ben Chifley Dam to cool off and have fun at the Bathurst Aqua Park, the largest in Country NSW
  3.  Go nose to nose with Bathurst’s own T.rex at the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum. Look, everyone likes dinosaurs!
  4. Get some fresh air and have some laughs at the gold-themed mini-golf course at the NRMA Panorama Holiday Park. Available for guests and for visitors.
  5. Ditch streaming and go old-school at the movies with the Metro 5 Cinema complex. Apparently ‘Puss in Boots’ is very good…

Intense Young Lovers

They’re young. They’re in love. It’s wonderful and joyous. But also slightly nauseating. Bundle the lovebirds out the door and let them canoodle and selfie somewhere else for a little while with this Top 5.

  1. Indulge your inner romantic at the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery. Stroll hand in hand through one of the finest regional galleries in regional Australia.
  2. Take a stroll at sunrise along the Boardwalk atop Mount Panorama/Wahluu and see if you can spot the famous , though shy, albino wallaroo. 
  3. Feel you’ve stepped onto the set of Downton Abbey, or perhaps Bridgerton, with a visit to Abercrombie House. After you, m’lady…
  4. Take a romantic drive and sample the range at The Grange Distillery, Bathurst’s hottest new distillery situated in one of teh region’s oldest heritage properties.
  5. Go out to dinner. No really, we’ll be just fine without you for the evening. And Bathurst has no shortage of outstanding dining options for the discerning young lovers. ❤ 

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