Autumn Colours

A celebration of Bathurst’s heritage during its most spectacular season.

Held from Saturday 13 March to Sunday 9 May 2021.

Autumn is a magical time in the Bathurst region when residents and visitors alike enjoy the explosion of colour that accompanies the change of season, the cooler temperatures that are perfect for exploring, and the delicious local produce that the harvest brings.

The signature Autumn Colours program of events celebrates the towns rich history with a series of guided tours by local experts through some of the Bathurst region’s most significant historical sites, along with events that preserve the people, traditions, and stories that have shaped Bathurst into the beautiful, thriving, modern regional centre it is today.


The 2021 Autumn Colours program features tours for the whole family. Download the program to find out the information and dates off all Autumn Colours tours.


Bookings are required for each individual tour in the Autumn Colours program to keep everyone COVID-safe, and for tour operators to manage numbers.
Planning to stay in Bathurst during Autumn?