August 21, 2020

Wine Tasting in Bathurst

Did you know that some of the very first grapes grown in the new colony of Australia were grown in the Bathurst region in the 1820s? This long tradition continues today, with the Bathurst region being recognised as one of the finest cool climate wine regions of the country. In fact, the National Cool Climate Wine Show has been held annually in Bathurst for the past 20 years!

The Bathurst region has a number of small family run wineries, including Vale Creek, Bellbrook & Friends, 3 Views, Grass Parrot, Rock Forest and Renzaglia. All produce outstanding wines, and have shared in a number of awards. Phoebe, our Tourism Marketing Coordinator, recently had the chance to join the Renzaglias for a tasting at their country vineyard. Watch now and learn just what went into creating their very special ‘Estate 6 Pack’, available for online purchase also at Happy tasting!  

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