April 29, 2024

Capturing Autumn’s Palette: Top 5 Spots in the Bathurst Region for Photography

As autumn paints the landscape with vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold, photographers eagerly set out to capture the beauty of the season. Bathurst, offers a picturesque canvas for autumn photography enthusiasts. From charming historic streets to breathtaking vistas, here are the top five spots in the Bathurst Region to capture the essence of autumn.

5. Perthville

The drive from the Bathurst CBD to Perthville is a short 15 minutes along the Vale Road. As you approach Perthville a corridor of golden leaves on tall poplar trees lines the road. While this section is quite stunning the road is a bit busy and caution should be exercised if you intend to take photos along this stretch.


4. Mayfield Garden

Image Credit: Loveridge Digital – Mayfield Garden

The iconic Mayfield Garden is stunning at any time of the year but during Autumn you can expect to catch some great photos across their 65 hectares of curated gardens. From lakeside views, to the box hedge maze there is no shortage of opportunities to capture the perfect moment over a day spent at Mayfield.


3. Living Legends Walkway Bradwardine Road

Image Credit: Bret Greenhalgh @green.halghPhotography

Every year on proclamation day the city of Bathurst recognises the achievements of individuals who contributed positively to the community by dedicating a tree to them along the Living Legends Walkway. During the autumn months the Living Legends Walkway comes alive with vibrant reds and orange creating a stunning vista of deep autumn colours.


2. Machattie Park

Image Credit: Sharyn Semmens

Close to the hearts of locals Machattie Park is a must do on any visit to Bathurst. But particularly during Autumn the vibrant colours of the autumn leaves highlight the red brick of heritage buildings and contrast the green copper of the Bathurst courthouse in a way that is sure to capture the imagination.


1. Golden Poplars at Meadow Flat

The Golden Poplars at Meadow Flat are an absolute must do for anyone traveling to Bathurst during the Autumn months! A local favourite spot the golden poplars line the sides of Curley Dick Road, off of the main highway and away from major traffic this is the perfect spot for photographers to get some stunning Autumn pictures. Get in early in the morning for some stunning sunrises shots before the crowds come during the day!


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