December 22, 2020

Summer in the Bathurst Region

After everything that 2020 has thrown at us, we all deserve a break over summer and the Bathurst region has everything you need to recharge, reinvigorate and reimagine with an array of new experiences developed and opened in 2020.

The wide open spaces of the Bathurst Plains were walked and used by the Wiradjuri for many thousands of years, a story now being told in a series of new cultural tours, Wiradyuri Nurambang 4WD Cultural Tours and Aboriginal Guided Wahluu Cultural Tours offered by Detour Adventures. The region is now inspiring new generations of travellers with world class attractions, facilities and experiences all with authentic country friendliness.

The long summer days are perfect to revive the tradition of the classic road trip and strike out from a base in Bathurst to explore the iconic rural countryside and the network of picturesque heritage villages that surround the city of Bathurst. Try your luck in the famed gold country around Sofala and Hill End or visit one of the splendid wineries of the region producing cool climate wines that demonstrate the exceptional qualities possible when growing with skill on the very edge of what is geographically possible!

Bathurst itself is a vibrant mix of the grandeur of the past and the welcoming of the future, a growing modern city with a proudly heritage heart. Outstanding cafes, restaurants and foodie pubs line the main streets around the town square doing amazing things with regional produce and there are multiple accommodation options for all budgets and group types. Culture lovers will be amazed by the varied offering of galleries and museums including the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, T.Arts Gallery and the new and multi-award winning Rail Museum. And this is just the beginning, with Bathurst boasting over a dozen high quality museums and historic houses.

Overlooking the city is, of course, Mount Panorama known as Wahluu to the Wiradjuri. A drive around the world famous racing circuit is obligatory (it is a public road outside of race periods) as is a visit to the National Motor Racing Museum. There is also a brand-new way to experience Mount Panorama with the construction in 2020 of a boardwalk over the upper section of the mountain including over 400m of elevated walkway and an epic viewing platform adjacent to ‘Skyline’.

The diversity of the region is sure to surprise and to inspire and to provide the perfect escape this summer.

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