November 22, 2023

Stargazing Event of the Year

Are you looking for an excuse to go out camping? Got an eye for stargazing or a camera for astrophotography?

This December the Geminids Meteor Shower is set to be a big night out for astronomers, campers and anyone looking to get out and about in the Bathurst region.

Peaking on the night of the 14th of December, the Geminids Meteor Shower will line up this year with a new moon, meaning that with good weather the conditions this year will be particularly good for viewing the celestial event. At the peak of the meteor shower up to 150 sightings per hour could be possible.

Being a regional city, Bathurst has some of the best night skies in the state with 2 observatories and an abundance of free camping areas only a short distance from the Bathurst CBD, stargazing is a much beloved past time in the region. If you would like to get out to view the meteor shower check out our suggested campsites below.

Flat Rock Picnic Area

Just 25 minutes from Bathurst, Flat rock Picnic Area is a free camping site set on the Fish River. With easy access for caravans, public toilets, fire pits and a public BBQ on site Flat Rock Picnic Area is a local favourite for fishing, camping and cooling off in hot weather. Rated as a rural night sky on the Bortle light pollution scale it will be a great spot for star gazing.

The Turon River Free Camps

A little further out there are 5 different free camping reserves on the Turon River around the historic gold rush Town of Sofala. The easiest access of these sites are Crossley Bridge Reserve and Green Point, both of which have plenty of space along the river side to set up. This area is rated as an Excellent Dark-Sky Site with great views of the milky way and night sky.

Hill End Historic Site

A little further on Hill End hosts two great camp sites available for bookings through NSW National Parks with hot showers and powered sites available. There are also several accommodation options available in town including The Hill End Guest House and Fairfax House for those who prefer a solid roof to a tent top.

Image: Hill End Guest House

The Bridle Track

Last but certainly not least The Bridle Track is an adventurer’s dream with 13 free campsites along the historic first road from Bathurst To Hill End. A four wheel drive car is a must for those looking to access the track but for those who do the quiet serenity of the Macquarie River and open night sky’s make this an excellent area to view the meteor shower.

While these are some of our favourite spots for stargazing there are plenty of other options for accommodation this meteor shower. Take a look at our Country Accommodation page to find your next stargazing getaway.

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