Sunny Corner Circuit

Enjoy an adventurous drive through 3 separate forests ranging from Australian native bushland to working pine forests in historic Sunny Corner. Bring a picnic or plan a stay at the Sunny Corner Recreation Reserve as you complete this trip. This track takes about 2-3 hours starting at the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre, traveling north to start the track on Mount Horrible Road, to pass south through Turon State Forest, along the edge of Winburndale Nature Reserve, and into Sunny Corner State forest. Visitors can expect easy driving condition suitable for beginner drivers, with opportunities for sightseeing, bird watching and adventure.  

Track directions:

1. Leave Bathurst via the Great Western Highway, turning left onto Boyd Street.

2. Follow Boyd Street into Limekilns road.

3. Drive on Limekilns Road for 20 minutes and turn right onto Mount Horrible Road.

4. Follow Mount Horrible Road for 12 minutes and turn right onto Eskdale Road.

5. Enjoy the drive through Turon State forest and continue on Eskdale road for 30 minutes into Culpitts lane follow through until you reach the T intersection.

6. Turn right onto Dark Corner road and stay right to continue onto Dark Corner Road.

7. Follow Dark corner road for 5 minutes to the T intersection of Sunny corner road and Bathurst Street.

8. Turn Left onto Bathurst street and pass through the town of Sunny Corner.  On the left just after the town you will see the Sunny Corner Recreation Reserve.  

A great spot for picnic’s or camping if you are looking to stay the night.

9. Continue on Sunny Corner road until you reach the Great western highway, Turn left and follow back to Bathurst.