Hill End Fossicking

Hill End Fossicking

Hill End is the historic home of Bathurst gold rush with some of the largest ever finds coming from the region including the Holterman’s nugget. Today much of the Hill end township is preserved by national parks for its historic value, but there are still plenty of opportunioties to test your luck and find some gold. 

Designated Fossicking Area

For those looking to just get out and have a go this is one of the best spots in the Bathurst region. No permits or Permissions are required and the Tambaroora Creek within the Fossicking area is a well known source of new gold. It is a great spot to try your hand at panning for day trippers, beginners and families. Please read below about how to access the designated fossicking area as several other stakeholders share boarders with the designated fossicking area. Including crown land, National Parks, private property, active mining exploration areas, and the Hill End & Tambaroora Commons. 

To access the Designated Fossicking Area from Hill End:

  1. Drive north on the Hill End Road for 5km
  2. Look for the chimney stack on the left hand side of the road.
  3. If you are in a four wheel drive and comfortable doing a shallow water crossing then turn left on the unsealed road after the chimney stack, and cross the river. If you are in a two wheel drive then park on the side of the road and walk down the unsealed road to cross the river. 
  4. As you make your way down the unsealed road to the left of the chimney stack you will see crown land signage that indicates you need a permit to fossick here and to now fossick on the four wheel drive crossing. These signs refer to the area outlined in the red dotted rectangle and the un-managed crown land lot below. Continue past these signs and cross the creek. From there walk 200 meters along the road to access the creek again in the designated fossicking area, marked by the yellow and blue arrow.
  5. From here you can fossick along the creek bed and banks. With the fossicking area extending for another 1.15km.

Fossicking Outside of the Designated Fossicking Area

If you would like to move beyond the Designated Fossicking Area there are plenty of spots to explore. However, it is important that you correctly identify the area you intend to fossick on and make sure you stay in areas that are permitted. Fossicking outside of the designated area occurs in the Hill End & Tambaroora Commons see the information below if you intend of fossicking outside of the Designated Fossicking Area.

While there are some creeks and waterways in and around the Commons that you can pan in. The primary activity undertaken by fossickers within the Hill End & Tambaroora Commons is metal detecting. This suites the area best as it has a minimal impact and makes use of the 2500 hectares that make up the Hill End & Tambaroora Commons. 

Hill End and Tambaroora Commons

The commons are managed by the Hill End & Tambaroora Commons Committee, who allow fossicking on the commons on the conditions that you:

  1.  Fossick within regulations provided in the NSW Resource Regulator Guide
  2. All holes you dig must be filled in and rocks disturbed returned to their original positions. 
  3. When driving or riding dirt bikes in the Commons you must stay on established roads, do not go off track. 
  4. No camping is permitted in the Commons.
  5. Do not trespass on private property. 
  6. Do not enter onto areas under a mining licence without written consent from licence holders. 
The commons are marked out on the map to the right as the areas outlined in blue with a light beige filling. When fossicking in the commons you should be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas that are marked as not accessible or requiring permission.