Fishing in the Bathurst Region

Fishing in the Bathurst Region

Whether you are on a boat, shore, or river there are some great opportunities to get out and active fishing in the Bathurst region. See some of our favourite fishing spots in the Bathurst region and surrounds, and download our fishing guide for more information on species, catch limits and bait tips. 

Dams and impoundments in the Bathurst region and surrounds 

Chifley Dam

25 minutes from Bathurst Chifley dam is the main water supply for the city. It also hosts a public boat ramp open from 9:30am to 6pm. With public barbeque areas, picnic tables and toilets at the main dam entrance. Redfin Perch, Trout and Cod can be caught here.

Lake Oberon

Approximately 40 minutes from Bathurst. Lake Oberon is a well known trout impoundment. Supplying water to the Oberon township, Lake Oberon restricts boat access to non powered watercraft only.

Lake Canobolas

1 hour from Bathurst in neighbouring Orange. Lake Canobolas allows unpowered watercraft, with canoe launching areas provided. Carp, Redfin Perch, Golden Perch, trout and Cod can be found here. Barbeques, picnic and toilets are available.

Lake Wallace

40 minutes from Bathurst Lake Wallace is a popular sailing and caravaning spot in Lithgow.
Rainbow and Brown trout can be caught here, with more success at dusk and dawn. Boat ramp, barbeque areas and toilet facilities are available.

Carcoar Dam

40 minutes from Bathurst on the Mid Western Highway. Redfin Perch, Golden perch, Murray Cod and Trout can be found here. Carcoar Dam has boat ramps, barbeque and picnic areas, toilets, campsites, cold showers and drinking water.

Rivers that can be accessed for fishing in the Bathurst region

Most rivers in the Bathurst region and surrounds are general trout streams, subject to seasonal closures. The taking of any fish, by any means between the Tuesday after the June Long Weekend (Queens Birthday) until Midnight on the last Friday before the start of the October  Long Weekend (Labour Day). The access points below are only some of the most well known and easiest to access, see Department of Primary Industries Access Map for more information.

Fish River

Accessible at several points,
including Hassall Park and Flat Rock Picnic Area.

Macquarie/Wambuul River

The macquarie/Wambuul river can be accessed via many points in the Bathurst region. Including along the Bridle Track and through

Turon River

The Turon river stretches from Hill end to Capertee with plenty of opportunities for fishing along its' length. Including Sofala and Turon river national park.

NSW Fishing License

In the state of NSW all recreational fishing requires a fishing license.
Fishing without a license can result in a $200 on the spot fine.