Cycling in the Bathurst Region

Cycling in the Bathurst Region


These trails are completable by most, with families and inexperienced riders in mind. Trails are mostly flat, following well known cycling paths or using the shoulders of wide roads. 

Bathurst River Loop

Right on the Macquarie/Wambuul river the river loop is an easy trail completable by anyone a great chance for families or riders looking for a relaxing afternoon cycle.


A popular local cycling route along the Vale Road towards Georges Plains through Perthville. This is a great taste of Bathurst country roads and breath of fresh air.


These trails are comparable by most. Requiring some experience cycling and fitness, with longer sections, some steep climbs and sections on country roads that can be busy at times.

Bathurst City Loop

An intermediate ride along the Macquarie River, through West Bathurst and the Historic CBD

Chifley Dam

A picturesque ride on sealed roads over rolling hills to Chifley Dam. This route has a long gradual climb towards the dam that is good for training endurance.

Eglinton Loop

Crisp Morning air and rolling countryside views the Eglington loop is a great option to see the charming rural landscapes along the edge of Bathurst without straying from sealed roads or too far from town.

Peel Loop

A northern loop with rolling hills and rural scenery, boasting views over the City of Bathurst as you climb the northern hills towards Peel. Returning via the Sofala Road.


These tracks present a significant challenge for the well journeyed rider. 

Hen Chicken and Flat Cow Loop

A mix of graven and sealed roads looping around Evans plains, Georges plains and Pethville with rural scenery and one large hill climb.

Mount Panorama/Wahluu Loop

With a maximum elevation of 874m and a minimum elevation of 656, the Mt Panorama/Wahluu Loop is a challenging ride for those who want to get their blood pumping. Mount Panorama/Wahluu is the iconic home of Australian motor racing..

Yarras Lane & O'Connell Loop

The Yarras Lane & O’Connell Loop starts at the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre making its way out on Limekilns road before turning south east to down Yarras Lane towards O’Connell.

Rockley Cross Roads Loop

With a distance of 82.5km and a climb of 11.6m per km the Rockley loop is a 'must-do' for the serious cyclist in the Bathurst region. Take a break at the iconic Rockley Pub or rest in Steves Park before continuing on to return via Caloola.

Looking for more?

Central West Tours

Looking to get out on a real adventure? Central West Tours have you covered with everything cycling tours spanning from E-bike rental to 7 day sightseeing road bike tours through the back roads and scenic routs of the Central West.


Riding in Bathurst doesn't have to end here. Bathurst has a fantastic community of passionate and dedicated riders who are constantly looking to improve rider access and information. See our friends at Escapalicious for more rides, trails and hidden gems in the Bathurst region.

Bathurst Cycling Social Groups

Bathurst BMX Club

The Bathurst BMX Club is a small friendly club with a world class BMX Track in the Bathurst Cycling Park. With regular race days, coaching and open track days there is plenty to get excited about with the Bathurst BMX Club. AusCycling Membership required to participate, inquire with the club via their Facebook page below to find out more.

Bathurst Cycling Club

The Bathrust Cycling Club is one of the oldest sports clubs in Australia, founded in 1884, the Bathurst Cycling Club continues a long tradition of cycling and community in the Bathurst region. If you are looking for competitive cycling then the Bathurst Cycling Club is a great way to meet like minded people, with racing opportunities for road and track. Visitors welcome with AusCycling Membership.

Bathurst Mountain Bike Club

Get out and about with like minded riders at the Bathurst Mountain Bike Park. The Bathurst Mountain Bike Club hosts regular race meets every Wednesday at 6:15 pm. During daylight hours the park is open to the public, but if you want to join in on race meets AusCycling Membership is required. Enquire online to find out more.