Heritage Buildings and Streetscapes

The Town Square

Over much of the past two centuries, the very heart of Bathurst has been the historic Town Square. Although Surveyor General Mitchell’s 1833 design of a large open space with a single church at its centre was never fully realised - a unique symbolic space was created; as much by the spirit of the citizens of Bathurst as by any map or plan.

George Street

Walk along George Street and you will see the distinctively ornate cast iron lamp posts and lanterns running down the centre of the street installed between 1872 and 1924. To one side are a series of Art Deco buildings, to the other you can admire the 1840’s, 50’s and 60’s Victorian facades of the pub and shops lining the street.

Keppel Street

Connecting the centre of Bathurst to the historic railway station is delightful Keppel Street. Famed as the artistic and cultural hub of Bathurst, upon this street you will find the Library, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery as well as numerous quirky boutiques, second hand shops and fabulous cafes such as The Hub or Legall's Patisserie.

The War Memorial Carillon

A rare look inside one of Bathurst's most iconic landmarks, discover the history of the Bathurst District Soldier's Memorial Carillon.

Machattie Park

Take a virtual stroll of this awe-inspiring garden in the heart of Bathurst. One of the greatest Victorian Era gardens, rich in history.

Inside Abercrombie House

A grand Scottish mansion just outside Bathurst, hear owner Christopher Morgan tell the story of this incredible historic home.