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Meet the Diprotodon

Meet Darren the Diprotodon fossil! The fossilised skull and vertebrae of Darren the Diprotodon is on loan from the Australian Museum and was discovered by land owners in Tambar Springs in the North West Slopes of New South Wales. It was excavated by a team of researchers from the Australian Museum and the University of New South Wales and is a rare find, because his upper and lower jaws are still in place, and his neck vertebrae still attached. Based on the size of the bones, he's is believed to be a young animal.

The extinct Diprotodon, which looked like a giant wombat, is the largest known marsupial to have ever lived. It measured up to three metres long and two metres tall with a weight of two to three tonnes. This iconic member of Australia’s ‘megafauna’ co-existed with people before becoming extinct about 35,000-40,000 years ago. Its closest living relatives are koalas and wombats.

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