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Bathurst Winter Festival

Bathurst Winter Festival 2019 -  A Cosmic Paradise! A significant event in the Bathurst community space of great delight and happiness. The Bathurst Winter Festival is a winter wonderland exactly as you would like it to be where the stars align for an out of this world experience. Layer up and head into the Winter Playground where the buildings of Bathurst come alive through space, colour and music. 

Projections will fly across the Court House walls, change the colour of plants in the Fernery and alter the ground you walk on through Machattie Park. Get competitive using your iPhone or Android and fly clouds through the virtual sky scoring points to win daily prizes along Court House Lane. Walk down the yellow brick road, past clouds and through rainbows to discover an enchanted forest in Machattie Park. Lights, sound and colour provide the backdrop to keep your insta story strong. 

On Saturday nights (6 & 13 July) the park will be packed with craft beer, mulled wine and gourmet eats. Entertainers will roam and keep you warm with humour, talent and test your sense of reality. Carnival rides will move you through space, down slides and have you bumping into others on your voyage through the festival. Or grab a ticket on the Bathurst Explorer Bus for a special Saturday night trip around town.

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