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Share Your Moments

What does it mean to #TakeAMoment amidst the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020? 

It means taking a moment of self-care and finding beauty, revitalisation and a sense of calm in what may ordinarily be everyday activities. When the world is overwhelming, and your news-feed saturates you with 24/7 coverage it is critically important to ensure that you look after yourself as well as others. A moment for you. A moment to breathe. A moment to stop.

And it means‘Taking’ a moment. Use your smartphone to capture that morning coffee, a sunset, a walk with your dog, a chance encounter with a native animal or any other experience that can contribute to the ongoing and evolving story of the Bathurst region adapting to the ‘new normal’. We really are all in this together, so let's share our moments. We may be physically distanced out of necessity, but that does not mean that our community needs to be distant. Let's strive for social closeness in a time of physical distance...

So make sure you make some time for yourself and share your moments. Use the hashtag #TakeAMoment on social media and we can all share in celebrating what really matters. And check out the image gallery for inspiration.

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