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Take A Moment

The Bathurst Region is currently inviting you to Take A Moment.

These are challenging days, and it hard to feel you are living a normal Bathurst life. This won’t last forever, but whilst it does it is tough, and it is stressful. The team at the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre have always loved telling the world how amazing our region and community are. But now is the time to remind each other as well. To “take a moment” and delight in the beauty of ordinary moments enjoyed in an otherwise extraordinary time. A moment to treat yourself to great takeaway from one of Bathurst’s many outstanding restaurants. Or a moment to sip a cup of coffee while catching up on a call to an old friend. Or a moment to exercise with a walk along the Macquarie River or to push yourself with a run around Mount Panorama. And most of all to take a moment for yourself to just appreciate the beauty of ordinary moments in this extraordinary time. We all need a little time out, perhaps now more than ever! Use the hashtag #TakeAMoment when sharing on social media and checkout the GALLERY.

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