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The Bathurst region Step Beyond AppDiscover the rich stories of the Bathurst region with the 'Step Beyond App' available FREE from the Apple Store or Google Play. This App which launched in November 2019 offers a number of individual tours narrated by a variety of celebrity voices that can be downloaded, each offering fascinating insight into some of the most famous attractions and areas of the Bathurst Region including:

  • Mount Panorama - take a Lap with Craig Lowndes (GPS triggered as you drive the famous circuit)
  • The Bathurst Town Square - enjoy a tour of the heart of Bathurst with your personal guide Grant Denyer
  • Beautiful Mayfield Garden reveals its secrets with gardening guru Graham Ross
  • Machattie Park - explore the heritage of this finest of Victorian era parks
  • The Cathedral of St Michael and St John, the oldest Catholic Cathedral in NSW
More tours will be added to the App annually, so be sure to check for updates!

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