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Machattie Park

A walking tour of the historic Machattie Park situated in the heart of Bathurst. 

Opened in December 1890, the park is a significant example of a late 19th Century Victorian country town park. It exhibits the principal elements typical of the Victorian period in terms of layout and decorative features including the Band Rotunda, Crago Fountain, Lake Spencer and the Munro Drinking Fountain. Can you spot them in the tour?

The park is also home to a valuable collection of exotic trees like Huntington Elm, Bunya Pine, Atlas Cedar, Deodar Cedar, Red Beech, English Oak, Pin Oak, Wellingtonia, Chinese Elm and Silver Elm. Many of the trees are not native to Australia, and in Autumn, the deciduous species' leaves turn to rich golden hues offering a visual timelapse of one of Bathurst's most distinctive seasons.

The park is still open, and enjoyed by locals year-round as an oasis in the centre of town to stroll through, enjoy a picnic with family and marvel as the park's beauty changes with each season. This is a must-see on your visit to the Bathurst Region when travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are eased.

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