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The Inland Sea of Sound festival is situated at the summit of Wahluu – Mount Panorama, a site of deep spiritual significance for the local Wiradyuri people. The festival takes place each year with the blessing and cooperation of the local Aboriginal Elders.

In recent decades the mountain has become a testing ground for a different form of initiation as racing car drivers vie to become the “King of the Mountain” on a racing circuit which has gained an international reputation as one of the finest and most challenging in the world.

Now on the summit of Wahluu we mark the coming together of many cultural traditions, honouring the resilience and generosity of the Wiradyuri people and celebrating our shared present and future.

Atop Wahluu/Mount Panorama the entrance to the festival site is via McPhillamy Park. Turn into McPhillamy Park from Skyline drive and then turn right to Reid and Sulman Park. Festival Shuttle Bus . Car parking will be available once you enter the site from McPhillamy Park, prior to the festival pedestrian entrance. It will then be less than a five minute walk to the festival gate. A disabled parking area will be situated adjacent to the entry gate. During the festival a free shuttle service will be provided from the front entrance of the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, 105 William Street to the festival site.  

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