COVID-19 and the Bathurst Region

Updates and Information

The Bathurst Visitor Information Centre is currently closed to the public as of 5 pm, August 14 in line with the stay-at-home orders issued for regional NSW. There are skeleton staff available should you wish to contact us for enquiries about the Bathurst region.

It is a requirement to use the Service NSW COVID-Safe check in when entering all NSW businesses and workplaces from July 12, 2021.

Always follow the latest advice concerning COVID-19 and travel from NSW Government, as this may change quickly in the event of an outbreak.

When visiting, we kindly ask that you join the Bathurst community in practising appropriate social distancing and good hygiene to keep everyone safe. Please reconsider your trip to the Bathurst region if you are feeling unwell, or postpone your travel plans if you are coming from COVID-19 affected areas.

The Bathurst region welcomes responsible travellers and asks all those considering a visit to the region to always

Regional NSW Rules

Regional NSW, now including the Central Coast and Shellharbour, will remain under stay-at-home restrictions until the LGA has been free of a new COVID-19 case for 14 days, but if a COVID-19 case emerges in the LGA thereafter, stay-at-home restrictions will be reinstated.

Outdoor Recreation

From 13 September, if you have had both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, you can gather outdoors in pubic with up to 5 other fully vaccinated adults aged 16 years or over. You must have proof of your vaccination. 5 adults does not include children 12 years and under. Does not include LGAs of concern.

Face Mask Rules

It is a requirement in NSW to wear a fitted face mask in all indoor non-residential premises as of July 12, including workplaces, on public transport, when travelling in a car with a person you do not live with, or any time you cannot maintain 1.5 metres social distancing.

Greater Sydney Rules

Stay-at-home orders apply to people from or who have been in Greater Sydney including Blue Mountains and Wollongong. Additional restrictions also apply to LGAs of concern.

Vaccination Target

Stay-at-home restrictions will be eased for adults who have had both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine from the Monday after NSW passes the 70% double vaccination target.

Low Risk Areas

In parts of regional and rural NSW deemed low risk that have not recorded a COVID-19 case for 14 days, restrictions will be eased as of 12:01 am on Saturday 11 September.
Need more advice?

Call the National Coronavirus Helpline for more information or advice about COVID-19 and travel.

Bathurst Regional Council additional support resources and information for business and community.

For further advice on interstate and international travel, visit the NSW COVID-19 website.