July 13, 2020

Remembering Ben Chifley

‘Ben at Home’ returns Bathurst’s beloved Ben Chifley to his home on Busby Street.

This interview celebrates the 75th anniversary of Ben Chifley becoming Australia’s 16th Prime Minister. Written by local historian David Hay with special thanks to dedicated scholar of Chifley, Sam Malloy, we present local man Vince Melton as ‘Chif’ telling the story. Ben Chifley was a man of the people, one of the greatest Australians of the twentieth century and remained proudly committed to his home of Bathurst for all his life.

Museums Bathurst has been working with the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre, talented local actors and the creative team of Ribbon Gang Advertising Agency to bring the Chifley story to life. This episode of Ben at Home is the first in a series about Ben and Elizabeth Chifley. 

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