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Stephen Swart - Owner & Wine Expert, Vine & Tap

How long have you lived in Bathurst?

I permanently moved here in 2017 but have been a long-term visitor to Bathurst for over 25 years.

What did you think of Bathurst the first time you visited?

Bathurst is a peaceful and tranquil environment and the people are warm and friendly.

What inspired your tree change? 

I no longer enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Sydney and got the opportunity to work in Bathurst.

What are three things you love about Bathurst?

  1. Open spaces 
  2. Safe and friendly environment
  3. Easy access to all facilities

When you have friends or family visiting, where is the number one place you always take them?

For a slow lap of Mount Panorama.

If visitors need to try one thing in Bathurst, what is it and why?

Vine & Tap – an Italian Spuntini Wine Bar which offers great food, wine and atmosphere.

You can visit Stephen at Vine & Tap in the Bathurst CBD.

142 William Street, Bathurst


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