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Woollen Weavers

“The story of wool and woollen cloth, like the yarn itself, weaves its way into every aspect of Cotswold life. Not only has history revolved around its fortunes, but it has profoundly influenced the landscape, the villages and towns, the churches and the mills, and the people themselves.”

Cotswold Woollen Weavers has been in Filkins designing and making fine woollen cloth since 1982. We live and breathe the wool heritage that made the English Cotswolds, and draw our inspiration from the soft colours of the Cotswold landscape all around us. We believe that virtue lies in the tradition of doing things well, and that we can learn from those who went before us. (Shoulders of giants, and all that.) But we also believe that innovation is good too (and also fun) so long as it is based firmly on finding ways to do good things better. 

Inspired by the colours of the countryside, we have incorporated fresh green for the open hills, red for centuries of royal connections (Prince Charles, and several other members of the Royal family, live in the area), blue for the rivers, dark green for the ancient forest, honey gold for the mellow limestone of the villages, and ochre for the Cotswold sheep (long known as ‘the Cotswold Lion’), which brought prosperity to the area. These subtle shades are woven into a check, evocative of the West of England broadcloths, famous since the 18th century .

The Cotswolds Store at the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre features genuine Gloucesters Hire Lamb Wool Blankets  for $165. The best gift for the cooler Bathurst seasons!

Woollen Weavers blankets available at the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre

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