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ANI Skincare

ANI Skincare is created by Joanna Walker from Cirencester, capital of the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire. Joanna only uses natural, kind products that offer something positive for your skin.


For many years I have searched for the perfect skin cream for my complexion. It proved elusive, a bit like trying to find the perfect handbag. I wanted creams and oils that behaved on my temperamental skin. That meant no lanolin, no beeswax, no synthetic perfumes, no hoof scrapings of some rare and beautiful wild beast or the sacrifice of some other innocent creature who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when some ‘skincare guru’ declared that only yak’s blood would cure your pimple problem.

While I’m prepared to pay for good, honest, quality ingredients I can’t quite bring myself to buy into the whole glitz and excess which seems to dominate the beauty industry. I decided to do something about it and after much research and discovery I came up with my As Nature Intended skincare range. 

ANI Skincare Facial Starter kits are available for $75.50 as a part of the Cotswolds Store at the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre.

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