Nestled in the picturesque valleys of the Central West, a 40-minute drive east of Bathurst, Tarana is a treat for outdoor adventurers who love hiking, rock climbing and nature. Just outside of Tarana you will find the Evans Crown nature reserve. A 3km easy walking track will lead you to the summit at Crown Rock, large granite tors that overlook the valley and were significant to the local indigenous Wiradjuri people as a place of initiations and corroborees. Adrenaline junkies will be glad to hear you can also go rock climbing here.

Tarana is derived from the Indigenous word for ‘large waterhole’ and what a fitting name it is to describe The Tarana Hotel which is filled with mementos and photos of locals throughout the years since it first opened in 1873. With its original metal pressed ceilings and open granite fireplace, it won’t be hard to settle down and tuck in to a delicious meal with an amazing view.  The “Tarana Tiger”, described as a huge black panther, became a local legend in the 1960s after being blamed for heavy sheep losses in the area, but no one has proved this to be fact or fiction. But the “Tiger Burger” is most certainly real..!