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Sustainability has become a key consideration of manufacturing in recent times - with the intended effect being that anything we make or build, should not have a deleterious effect on the health of the planet.

Sustainability is about using resources in a healthy and environmentally friendly manner and in such a way that provides for the long term needs of our community. This page acts as a referral guide for sustainable development.

Businesses should consult the following links for more information.

The online Business program is operated as an education project by Bathurst Regional Council as a free service. This Building Bathurst website is not intended to be as an advisory service.

Sustainable Products and Services Guide

Sustainable Products & Services Guide The following is provided for information purposes only. Council does not endorse specific products or servi ...

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Build an Energy Efficient Business

  The Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program The Energy Efficiency for small business program is available to businesses that use up to approx ...

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Building Sustainability Index

The Building Sustainability Indexs (BASIX) were introduced by the NSW Government, BASIX ensures homes and new buildings are built to be more energy and wat ...

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