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Grants and other funding programs are available from the Australian, State and Territory Governments. Generally there are a few grants for starting a business, and those that are available are competitive or are only available for specific circumstances.

However, there are grants and other assistance available for business activities such as, expanding your business, research and development, innovation, training and exporting.

Please contact our Economic Development Department for more information on Business Expansion:

Phone: (02) 6333 6553


The Australian Govenrment Principal Business Resource webportal offers information on various grants avaliable,

Click here to be directed to grantfinder

The Online Business Program is operated as an education project by Bathurst Regional Council as a free service. This Building Bathurst website is not intended to be an advisory service.

Ongoing Funding Grants

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Grants with Closing Dates

Grants with closing dates refer to a grant being offered only for a certain period of time. Applications must be in by a particular date and will not be ac ...

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Tips for Grant Writing

Things to remember when developing a grant application: What activities do you want to do? What activities do you want to achieve? What outputs an ...

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