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The Building Bathurst Business Program is an initiative of Bathurst Regional Council focused on strengthening the existing business base of Bathurst. In this section you will find several facets including the following:


Bathurst provides an exceptional hub for networking with other businesses in the region. For Business operators, networking is an important means of promot ...

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Grants and other funding programs are available from the Australian, State and Territory Governments. Generally there are a few grants for starting a busin ...

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Workshops / Training

FREE Business Management Workshops Bathurst Regional Council, with the support of the Bathurst Business Chamber, is pleased to introduce a series of free ...

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Starting a New Business

Commercial Viability Self-Assessment Tool Ideas Online will help you better understand the market for your idea, contribute to your knowledge about the li ...

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Industry Regulations

As you grow your business and expand into new territory, you'll need to be aware of and comply with any new or additional regulations. Here are a list of r ...

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Industry Awards

Business awards showcase the most successful businesses for a given period of time. Awards acknowlege excellent service and outstanding business operations ...

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Sustainability has become a key consideration of manufacturing in recent times - with the intended effect being that anything we make or build, should not ...

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Bathurst News

It is important for your business to be up-to-date with upcoming events and news within Bathurst. Your business may be able to take advantage of promotiona ...

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Businesses and Commercial Properties for Sale

Featured Businesses for Sale Perthville General Store and Cafe (Business Only) For Sale - $240,000 (+S.A.V) W.I.W.O. This business has a takeaway, gener ...

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Bathurst Business Chamber

Bathurst Business Chamber Inc.                    Bathurst Business Chamber Inc. previously known ...

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Key Contacts

Business Services and Useful Websites Local Invest Website- Bathurst Regional Council- Economi ...

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Business information factsheets

The Business Information Factsheets are designed to provide you with an overview of key business management principles for those who are starting their own ...

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Bathurst Business Tube

Are you interested in using video to market your business not only locally but to a global audience? The Bathurst Tube is a unique YouTube Channel which sh ...

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FREE Business Management Workshops

Bathurst Regional Council, with the support of the Bathurst Business Chamber, is pleased to offer regular free workshops to help your business to grow and ...

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Looking for work? Click here to find a range of sources to find employment in and around the Bathurst Region. Read More >


Live the life you want to live. In Bathurst you won’t be missing out… you’ll just be wondering why you didn’t make th Read More >


Avg House $286,000 Avg Weekly Rent $260 Read More >

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